Managed Care. Those two words mean a lot when it comes to your workers’ compensation claims.

CompOne, Ltd. manages your medical-only and lost-time claims with your bottom line in mind at all times; and that bottom line is your risk. We want to help you keep your premiums low and your risk history free of those unnecessary lost time claims.

When an employee is injured on the job the first step is two-fold:
1. Getting them the care they need, and;
2. Notifying CompOne of the injury.

When we are made aware of the claim from the onset of the injury, we can work out a plan of action with you to return the injured worker to the workplace. Communication is key, with the employee and your MCO to work towards resolution of the claim.

Whether it be on-site therapy, transitional work, provider intervention, wage continuance – let us work with you to try to keep that claim from going “lost time”.

Remember, we can’t help you with the claim if we don’t know about it. Do not rely on the provider your employee went to for notification. If the employee fails to show up for work after restrictions have been given that you can accommodate-contact us A.S.A.P.

Ask us about some of the programs that are out there to help you, the Employer, keep your costs down and your employees on the job. The cheapest claim is the claim that didn’t happen.

Any employer may opt for a “Preferred Provider Panel”. If you are interested in information on a preferred provider panel, please contact us at 877-281-9821, or email info@componemco.com. Please note that the injured worker may seek care from any BWC certified provider of their choice.