As an OHIO BWC certified/enrolled Provider, you must report injuries and provide the medical documentation within 24 hours from the date the Injured Worker is examined in your facility. Presumptive authorization guidelines are provided by BWC for musculoskeletal conditions, however a C9 treatment plan must still be submitted to the MCO for the services performed.

It is extremely important that Providers clearly communicate requests for treatment through submission of a C9 and provision of supportive and legible medical documentation. BWC and its agents are HIPPA exempt.

Since most of our Employers do accommodate restrictions, it is extremely important that you complete the Medco14 form. When completing this form, keep in mind that this form documents both work and non-work related capabilities for the Injured Worker. Per BWC guidelines the MEDCO 14 needs to be submitted within 24 hours if the injured worker is going to be off of work more than 2 calendar days.

Should you have a billing issue, please contact Debra at 877-281-9821 extension 126, or via email at Remember, we can only pay bills for allowed claims and for the allowed conditions in the claim.

For electronic bill submission please contact HTP-Inc. at; phone: (614) 885-1272.



  • C-9 (treatment plan)
  • C-23 (change of physician)
  • MEDCO-14 (physicians report of work ability)
  • FROI (first report of injury)